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Cut-Price Coffee With Veteran Silicon Valley Exec Eric Schmidt

2014 08 04 17 26 00

Eric Schmidt, Google's former CEO and current chairman, is offering his time and a cup coffee to the winner of an auction organized by CharityBuzz, which will donate the proceeds to the Rush charity for disadvantaged youth.

Schmidt "is excited to show off the $2 billion digs in Chelsea. When asked about the auction, Schmidt said, "I look forward to hosting the auction winner at Google NYC!"" 

Last year, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple raised $610,000 for 30 minutes of his time. Warren Buffett cost the top bidder $156,000.

But his chosen charity might be a bit disappointed with Schmidt's auction. So far, he's raised only $10.5k from 6 bids, well below a target of $50K. But there's still a few days to go before the bidding ends August 14. 

His publicists are keen to point out his spontaneous generosity:

Schmidt is no stranger to giving back to great causes. Back in March he spontaneously selected 10 nonprofits to split a $1 million grant.

Forbes estimates his net worth at $9.1 billion.