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Curation Watch: New Pearltrees Simplifies Sharing And Publishing

(Pearltrees is a consulting client.)

Pearltrees this week released a version of its online curation service that allows it to be embedded in Facebook walls and makes it easier to share Pearls of content across different online communities.

The company also said that it has crossed the 150,000 user mark, a major milestone. The Pearltrees community is by far the largest digital curation group online.

Pearltrees' "Hyper-Share" feature makes it easy to publish new Pearls -- each "pearl" represents a web page, video, Tweet or any other type of online content -- to Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. To prevent curators from flooding their news streams, the service can be set up to only post once every 90 minutes.

Pearltrees embeds have also been improved. If a person encounters an embedded Pearltree that they like, they can add it to their account from the web page hosting the embed, there is no need to visit the Pearltrees site.

A good example is here: Frederic Lardinois, publisher of Silicon Filter: Pearltrees Puts Its Sharing Features into Hyperdrive -- SiliconFilter.

Here on this site, we've been using Pearltrees to curate some of the best tech stories of the day over the last few weeks. To do so, we've been using Pearltrees' embed function. That feature, too, received some nice updates today. Embeds now allow Pearltrees users (and non-users!) to pick the most interesting "pearls" and copy them to their own accounts with just one click. In addition, posting a pearltree from an embed to Facebook now also just takes a few clicks and users can sign up for Pearltrees right from the embed as well.

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You can get a free Pearltrees account here, sign up is very quick.

[If you are interested in discussing digital curation with a group of like-minded individuals please request a membership in SFCurators Salon here. We will have another meeting in about two weeks.]