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Crunchies 2012: Techmeme Wins Award And So Do Other, Mostly Older Startups

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It was good to see Techmeme, the news aggregator, win an award Thursday evening for "Best Bootstrapped Startup." Techmeme founder Gabe Rivera (below).



The Crunchies 2012 awards went mostly to older startups, like SoundCloud, one of Europe's better known startups, and already a recepient of a TechCrunch award three years ago in 2009.

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Mike Butcher from Techcrunch Europe above left, prepares to give SoundCloud another award.

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John Oliver, from the Daily News show provided some of the entertainment. He said he had no idea that AOL still existed (AOL owns Techcrunch and the awards), and that he considers anyone with an AOL email to likely be a serial killer from the '90s.

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There was an awkward scripted banter performed by Michael Arrington, TechCrunch founder, and his former AOL boss Tim Armstrong as they avoided eye contact and awarded Mark Zuckerberg, (below) CEO of Facebook, with "Best CEO."



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Instagram founder Kevin Systrom won "Founder of the Year", beating Elon Musk and his SpaceX and Tesla achievements. Pretty filters versus rocket science.


The award for "Biggest Social Impact" went to Reddit, a good choice.



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Makerbot won "Best Hardware Startup." There's no need to learn how to tie a bowtie when you can just print a plastic one in a matter of hours...

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The UK flew the flag, or rather draped it over a model to promote its entrepreneurial culture.

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Davies Symphony Hall

Here's more info and video from Techcrunch:

Best Technology Achievement
Mars Curiosity  winner  onstage segment | backstage interview
Google Glass  runner-up
Baumgartner JumpSpaceX docks with International Space StationTesla Supercharger Network finalists

Best Collaborative Consumption Service
Airbnb  winner onstage segment | backstage interview
Uber  runner-up 
Get It Now/PostmatesLyftTaskRabbit  finalists

Best E-Commerce Application
Fab  winner onstage segment | backstage interview
Karma/Facebook Gifts  runner-up
Hotel Tonight,  Warby ParkerZulily finalists

Best Mobile Application
Google Maps  winner onstage segment | backstage interview
Evernote  runner-up
GrindrInstagramSquare finalists

Fastest Rising Startup
Snapchat  winner onstage segment
Stripe  runner-up
ExecLyftPinterest finalists

Best Content Discovery Application
Pinterest winner onstage segment | backstage interview
Flipboard  runner-up 
InstapaperPrismaticTumblr finalists

Best Design
Paper by FiftyThree  winner onstage segment | backstage interview
Square  runner-up 
Facebook TimelineMediumSvbtle finalists

Best Bootstrapped Startup
Techmeme  winner onstage segment | backstage interview
FreshBooks  runner-up
InstapaperNimbusUpverter finalists

Sexiest Enterprise Startup
Box  winner onstage segment | backstage interview
Cloudera  runner-up
Asana, PlexxiZendesk finalists

Best International Startup
SoundCloud  winner onstage segment
Spotify  runner-up
HailoRovioXiaomi finalists

Best Education Startup
Codecademy  winner onstage segment
Coursera  runner-up
EdmodoKhan AcademyUdacity finalists

Best Hardware Startup
Makerbot  winner onstage segment | backstage interview
Raspberry Pi  runner-up
Lit MotorsLockitronNest finalists

Best Time Sink
Buzzfeed  winner onstage segment | backstage interview
Letterpres runner-up
Angry Birds Star WarsPinterestWhatsApp finalists

Biggest Social Impact
Reddit  winner onstage segment
Indiegogo  runner-up
Donors ChooseKickstarterKiva finalists

Angel of the Year
Chris Dixon  winner onstage segment | backstage interview
Paul Graham  runner-up
Michael ArringtonDavid LeeChris Sacca finalists

VC of the Year
Peter Thiel  winner onstage segment | backstage interview
Jim Goetz  runner-up
Marc Andreessen and Ben HorowitzMatt CohlerMichael Moritz  finalists

Founder of the Year
Kevin Systrom (Instagram)  winner onstage segment
Elon Musk (SpaceX, Tesla)  runner-up
Nathan Blecharczyk, Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia (Airbnb)Julia Hartz, Kevin Hartz and Renaud Visage (Eventbrite)Nir Zuk (Palo Alto Networks) finalists

CEO of the Year
Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)  winner onstage segment
Larry Page (Google)  runner-up
Dick Costolo (Twitter)Phil Libin (Evernote)Marissa Mayer (Yahoo!)  finalists

Best New Startup of 2012
Coursera  winner onstage segment | backstage interview
Lyft  runner-up
CrowdtiltSnapchatWaze finalists

Best Overall Startup of 2012
Github  winner onstage segment | backstage interview
Palantir  runner-up