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Content-lite CIO Panel at Churchill Club

I popped into the Churchill Club's CIO Agenda. You can read about it here:

  Churchill Club: CIOs say budgets are up, hiring is up, outsourcing is up

Dave Margulius, an IT analyst at Enterprise Insight moderated the panel.

Dave Margulius

The Churchill Club, 7-23-07
Doug Merrill, VP Engineering, Google
Doug Schwinn, CIO, Hasbro
David Bergen, CIO, Levi Strauss
Randy Spratt, CIO, McKesson




Mr Margulius does a good job putting together this type of CIO panel but disappoints by being very light on the questions. 


It was my first experience seeing Doug Merrill, VP of Engineering at Google speak. He is flamboyant in dress and mannerisms compared with his fellow panelists, wearing a maroon sports coat, tan slacks, Italian shoes, long hair and an earring. He speaks very passionately with great delivery.

However, he seems to be saying nothing much at all. It was quite extraordinary. I double checked with some other people at the event, and they had the same experience. I have some video of the event I'll be posting later this week...

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