13:42 PM

Confirmation: Yahoo is testing a Google Adsense competitor

By Richard Koman for SiliconValleyWatcher.com

SiliconValleyWatcher has confirmed that Yahoo, through its advertising network Overture, is testing "YPN" a competitor to Google Adsense--the hugely profitable advertising network.

The confirmation came from a highly informed source at Yahoo. And it follows the recent discovery of strange ads on the blog of Yahoo program manager Ken Rudman.

In his blog, Andy Baio drew attention to the fact that Rudman’s blog was running text ads that were called from a "ypn.overture.com" server.

While the YPN acronym is set, what it stands for is still up in the air. Andy Baio suggested Yahoo! Publisher Network but we like Yahoo! Profit Network. Any other ideas out there? Email rkoman (at) gmail.com or use our Anonymous Tip box to the right.