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Conducting A Job Interview - The Sand Hill Slave Way . . .

Sand Hill Slave is back online. I love her attitude especially when it comes to a job interview:

Can a smart and sassy assistant find a more challenging opportunity? My intellectual bandwidth is virtually untapped. This blog is a labor of love. I've been incredibly busy with outside projects, but when I do have the time, it's almost effortless for me to write. I'm a wildly creative individual; a spellbinder that knows her audience and is talented enough to hex a wider one and I'm looking for something that will evoke that flow on a daily basis.

This is a world filled with crumbs, and I am the smart cookie... but I'm not looking for a cookie cutter position.

No compromises on the interview process; it is the great equalizer that will bring everyone down to the lowest common denominator, and then only mediocrity is attained. So forget it. We'll do it my way.

A few rules:

1) For those who are more serious than Mark Cuban's temper, I'll need the following:

Company Name

Description of the Position

Proposed Salary

2) The interview process will be conducted over IM. No exceptions. And no, I will not answer any personally identifying questions.

3) The interview is confidential- Neither it nor any information from it will be published. We will sign an agreement with teeth on that.

4) If there's a love connection, you extend an offer for one year and again sign an agreement with fangs of the Black Mamba not to "out me" or more importantly..renege.. and I sign a counter agreement not to blog about the company... unless that's what you'd like me to do.

5) As mentioned before, I am just testing the waters to see what's out there. Again, I'm not keen on wasting my creativity, intelligence and humor on a mundane, run of the mill admin position.

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