04:16 AM

Coffee And Big Data With Ray Wang - Video Series

Ray Wang, principal analyst at Constellation Research, has a new video interview series sponsored by Actian, a "Big Data 2.0" company. I watched the latest one, an interview with Vibhor Rastogi from Intel Capital Group. What's the subject? Big data.

Here's the video:

Review: I like Ray and often see him at press and analyst dinners and conferences. He clearly is more used to being interviewed than in interviewing people. But he does a decent job in keeping his own views and his talking to a minimum.

There's a few production issues such as the sound, which is good and rich on his voice but thin and tinny on his guest's voice, but that's fixable.

Ray's position looking straight into the camera while his guest looks at him or isn't sure where to look, could do with some changes and direction. But the incessant linking of everything said to "Big Data" is labored and clearly done to favor sponsor Actian but without providing much in the way of insights into the subject. After the gazillionth mention of "Big Data" I started to cringe every time it was said. 

Here is the rest of the series so far, including with Evernote's CTO, and I'm a big fan of  M.R. Rangaswami from the Sand Hill Group, who advocates for a Chief Data Officer position in corporate C-suites.