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City Hall Room 400: Is There Room For Google Buses?

Room400 1 12

 Media trucks outside city hall for shuttle bus hearing.

I ran down to San Francisco City Hall at 1pm for the hearing in Room 400 about the increasingly controversial issue of corporate shuttle buses using bus stops and hindering local commuters and children getting to school on time.

Kurtis Alexander at SFGate, reported:

Anti-gentrification protesters again blocked tech buses carrying workers out of San Francisco on Tuesday morning. This time, just after 9 a.m., they blocked a pair of shuttles downtown, near Eighth and Market streets and close to City Hall, where later in the day city transportation leaders are scheduled to consider a pilot program that would charge bus operators a fee to use Muni stops -- $1 per day per stop.

Here's a short photo essay: Room 400.

Room400 1 6

Metal detecting.

Room400 1 10

Room 400 was full leaving a lot of media stranded outside.

Room400 1 3

Room400 1 5

Inside Room 400.

Room400 1 13

Room400 1 7

Room 408 - the overflow room.

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A leaked memo revealed talking points Google want's its staff to make:

- I am so proud to live in San Francisco and be a part of this community.
- I support local and small businesses in my neighborhood on a regular basis.
- My shuttle empowers my colleagues and me to reduce our carbon emissions by removing cars from the road.
- If the shuttle program didn't exist, I would continue to live in San Francisco and drive to work on the Peninsula.
- I am a shuttle rider, SF resident, and I volunteer at ...
- Because of the above, I urge the board to adopt this pilot plan as a reasonable step in the right direction.