07:17 AM

CiscoWatch: John Chambers Is New To Facebook Suggest Some Friends

The other day as I was tending to my Facebook duties, and in the "suggestions" for friends column on the far right, up popped John Chambers, CEO of Cisco.

I clicked "add" because I have met Mr Chambers on several occasions and I'm very impressed with his leadership. Facebook then asked me to suggest some friends for him because he is new to Facebook.

It's interesting to see CEOs dabble in social media. I wonder how they have the time because it can be very time consuming.

Sharon Barclay at the Blue Trumpet Group works with CEOs, advising them on how to improve their visibility. She helps them figure out Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, etc.

She says that the CEOs are interested in raising their social media profiles as an insurance measure that could help in future job offers.

I seriously doubt if Mr Chambers is looking for a change of jobs but you never know.