03:45 AM

Chris Nolan, stand-alone journalist and blogger reveals the secrets to looking prosperous and youthful

by Tom Foremski for SiliconValleyWatcher.com

I recently ran into Chris Nolan, who writes the popular political "blog" site Politics from Left to Right at ChrisNolan.com. Chris was looking fabulous, she looked wealthy, relaxed, and ten years younger.

What could be going on? How can Chris looks so good, look so prosperous and relaxed? Isn’t she a stand-alone journalist, a blogger? That means she makes hardly any money, doesn’t it?

I asked her, have you discovered the blogger’s El Dorado? What is your secret? I’m running around all day trying to chase down stories and I’m bleary eyed from staying up most of the night researching and blogging and trying to make a living. I look ten years older not ten years younger.

Chris was happy to share her secret and here it is:

“The Chanel counter at Macy’s,” she said. “They’ll fix you right up.”

I hope they do men.

By the way, keep an eye on ChrisNolan.com, there is some interesting stuff happening that I cannot talk about--just yet.