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Chris Anderson Sparks Blacklist Debate - We'll Get You A T-Shirt And A Coffee Mug

ChrisAnderson.jpgChris Anderson, editor of Wired magazine, has ignited some interesting debates on the subject of media versus PR. I posted about it yesterday, in "Long Tail of Bad PR" in which he calls out by name more than 370 PR people that have sent him bad pitches, and then bans them from his inbox, forever...

Wednesday evening I couldn't avoid the subject, and someone asked me if they were on Chris Anderson's blacklist, and I didn't know. I was chatting about this with my friend Heddi Cundle, and it struck us that there were some wonderful opportunities here.

For example:

1- If you aren't on Chris Anderson's blacklist we can get you on it. For just $75 we will send a press release in your name that has absolutely nothing to do with "Wired" magazine. It is guaranteed to land you at the top of his list or your money back.

Plus, you get a T-Shirt: "I'm on the Wired list how about you?" on the back is your name and several hundred others (only available in black.)

And you get a coffee mug with "Chris is steamed" (copyright: Heddi Cundle.)

2- Coming to Facebook very soon, when you get the invitation please join the group: "Keep Chris Anderson's knickers out of a twist." (Generously sponsored by Fruit of the Loom.)

3- Also, please join: "Don't pitch anything to Wired for six months and see how they do" which was a popular sentiment among my PR contacts.

I'm sure SVW readers are brimming with suggestions, don't be shy, Chris likes it, it shows humility :-)

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