08:00 AM

CES Diary Days 2/3 . . .

-The days and nights all seem to blend into one another. And I remembered why I dislike large trade shows: they are a pain to get around and there is a lot of work to do on very little sleep! CES isn't as large as the old COMDEX shows I used to go to but the show floors are just as unpleasant. Crowds of people shuffling in random directions within a cacophony of sounds and lights makes me want to run out into the desert to find some peace and solitude.

-It is no coincidence that the adult movie industry holds its annual trade show during the same week as CES. The consumer electronics industry owes a debt of gratitude to the adult movie industry, which has helped drive the adoption of a wide range of video products and technologies over the past couple of decades. From VCRs to high definition TV, HDTV camcorders, and blue-ray disks, and now 3D TVs, flesh looks good and sells lots of products. Make love not war.

-I keep running into a surprising number of San Francisco/Silicon Valley startups at CES such as Rob Crumpler and Valerie Combs from Buzzlogic; and David Ulevitch and Allison Rhodes from OpenDNS, which announced a deal with Netgear; also Uwe Maurer from ArtRage, which announced a deal with Intel's new Classmate notebooks.

-Unfortunately I missed meeting Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford. He turned up to one of the "Ultimate Blogger dinner" events organized by Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells. I was hoping to pitch him my idea about turning car makers into car "fabs" along the chip industry's chip foundry model which has created a massive, and highly innovative "fabless" chip industry. [Please see: - Let's Take A Lesson From The Chip Industry: Turn The Big 3 Auto Makers Into Car Foundries . . .] Chris Heuer has posted an interview with Mr Mulally: Ford CEO Interview @ Ultimate Blogger Dinner

-I'm more than ready to head back home, but first some Friday evening fun: SanDisk Battle of the Bloggers: Rock Band 2 Challenge, featuring battling bloggers from Gizmodo, Wired, and others (I decided to drop out because I'm not very good!) ; then I have to pop into the marvelous Atomic Testing museum for the It Won't Stay In Vegas blogger party; followed by a performance by Diana Ross thanks to Monster Cable celebrating its 30th anniversary; then an Intel party featuring the marvelous Counting Crows. Maybe CES isn't quite so bad...