19:47 PM

CES 2008: The Great Frank Shaw...

I was fortunate to meet Frank Shaw from Waggener Edstrom. He used to work with my former boss at the Financial Times, Paul Abrahams. There is an interesting story here...


Paul Abrahams works very closely with Microsoft and is in Seattle on a regular basis, advising the software giant on many strategic aspects of its operations. I haven't heard from Paul in a while, so it was a delightful surprise when he called me just an hour ago.

What he wanted to tell me was that he had written a column for the UK PR Week trade publication on blogging. "I've mentioned you in it," he said. "But I've basically said, regarding all this stuff about blogs, I just don't get it..."

Fair enough, some do, some don't. However, I asked if it was a good move on his part to advertise such a a lack of understanding of blogs!?

I saw it as an opportunity for discussion. However, Paul went on vacation for two weeks immediately after publication of his "I don't get blogging column." Clearly Paul didn't want to have a conversation about it...

Frank Shaw didn't hesitate and jumped right in, in what is now a text book case of how to deal with such situations: posting in his blog and doing all the right things to defend the reputation of WaggEd.

Even more impressive was that Frank was in the middle of moving his family from Portland to Seattle yet he dove right in...(Paul was on vacation.)