05:32 AM

CERN Open Days: Galbraith On The World After The Web


David Galbraith, co-founder of Yelp and Moreover used to be based in San Francisco and now lives in Switzerland. He recently gave a great talk at CERN's Open Days event, which looks at the cultural impact of the web.

"The web is the most important invention since the Gutenberg press." I certainly agree. Silicon Valley has become a Media Valley, its technologies are media technologies, enabling a giant virtual Gutenberg machine using real-time programmable type, instead of moveable type, and enabling a two-way publishing system in that every computer screen can publish any content -- and publish back.

Interestingly, Dave was the first to realize that the underground room where CERN's Tim Berners-Lee invented the web is located in France and not Switzerland.

Here is the video: The world after WWW - CERN