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CEO 2.0 for SocialText wanted . . .

Ross Mayfield, founder and CEO of SocialText, an online wiki/applications site is looking for a CEO to grow the company to the next stage.

Ross is extremely well connected and is one of the more interesting people in SIlicon Valley. Take a look at his current management team, board, and advisors:

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Board of Advisors

Here is a description:

Company: Socialtext

Job Title: CEO

Description: As a company founder, as I've written before, it is inevitable and necessary that your role evolves for the best interest of the company and what you own of it. Today I'm invoking the most powerful inflection point I can for Socialtext. We've grown to 3,000 customers, 50 people, the leading brand in the space, an innovative product, solid revenue growth and are targeting profitability. It is time for Socialtext to be taken to the next level, and for that, I want to openly recruit the CEO 2.0 for Socialtext.

The ability to do this search openly is part of the great culture we have built at Socialtext. I'm going to transition to Chairman & President and focus on growing the top line with my external facing duties and drive corporate and product strategy. CEO 2.0 will bring a strong operations background and have a mandate to grow the bottom line. This is a dream job.

The ideal candidate will have prior CEO experience, an Enterprise Software background, Social Software expertise, proven operations management capabilities including managing remote teams and a strong personal reputation.

I'm just starting the search and you can help. We should be able to find the right person within our own strong network, so if you can make a strong recommendation please contact me through LinkedIn.

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