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Celebrating The Life Of Daniel Jabbour: An Intersection Of Psychedelics, Activism And Technology


The Psychedelic Society of San Francisco announced the sudden death of its 30 year old founder, Daniel Jabbour, a well known software engineer and political activist. 

There will be a memorial celebration April 19th at 11.30 AM at Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park.

Daniel founded the society in November 2011 and it currently has 1674 members. There's a strong connection between psychedelics and Silicon Valley, please see: The Steve Jobs Way: Intersecting Psychedelics And Technology -SVW

Daniel was a passionate political activist on drug policy and spoke at many events. There are videos of his talks on his channel:  Daniel Jabbour - YouTube

Daniel loved volunteering with “Hack the Future,” an organization that teaches kids to code. Here's an account of Daniel at the most recent Hack the Future event, written by one of his colleagues at Amoeba Consulting, where Daniel worked. 

The event was held in the brand new tech studio, a "hands on" discovery area at The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose. The event brought together a hundred kids with makers throughout Silicon Valley including programmers, game developers, designers, web developers and engineers.

Amoeboid Daniel Jabbour led the web and javascript table- helping kids to get into programming. He supplied them with some basic project starting points and let them discover for themselves what they could accomplish with programming by designing their own blogs and games such as pong and chess. Daniel commented, "for me, it was so fun to help a table full of kids write pong, in javascript, in an afternoon... sitting a hundred feet away from the creator of Pong, Al Alcorn (another mentor at the event)."

Throughout the day, they guided kids through the design process, and helped with whatever they wanted to design- from defining the problems, thinking about their users, coming up with design goals, ideating, sketching, to rapid prototyping for both product and application designs.

Such a great day...

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Daniel Jabbour, Founder of the Psychedelic Society of San Francisco, passed away in a tragic accident last Sunday. We invite anyone who would like to pay their respects to join us Saturday, April 19, directly before the 1st Annual Bicycle Day Parade for a celebration of Daniel's life. Come dressed in your psychedelic finest--black is discouraged. Hippie Hill is in Golden Gate Park near Haight and Stanyan, through the tunnel and on your right.

Though moving forward without Daniel will not be easy, we are committed to keeping the Psychedelic Society alive and active. In the upcoming weeks, we will be reaching out to you all to ensure that the group's leadership transition happens as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.


Mischa Steiner
Co-Organizer, Psychedelic Society of San Francisco

Daniel Jabbour Bicycle Day Memorial Celebration - Psychedelic Society of San Francisco (San Francisco, CA) - Meetup

There will be a memorial celebration April 19th at 11.30 AM at Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park.