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Case Study In Online Brand Management: Wells Fargo Continues to Ignore The Conversation...

How should big brands manage their online reputation? Certainly not the Wells Fargo way...

Even though Wells Fargo has a blog page "Join the conversation" it doesn't.

Last April I had a really bad experience with Wells Fargo and wrote about it. Within minutes I had people commenting on their bad experience! It was the fastest response I had ever had to a post!

I wrote about my bad experiences several times actually. I was wondering how long it would take for a Wells Fargo representative to notice and leave a comment. As I pointed out, I'll get over my rant but the search engines will continually bring up my story and you would think that Wells Fargo would want to leave it's side of the story, at least say, "Sorry about that, here's a toaster..." or something.

But nothing came from Wells Fargo.

Sure enough, every few weeks someone finds my rant and and leaves another story about Wells Fargo. You'd think after about a year, someone might notice at Wells Fargo and "Join the conversation!"

(BTW, last month I met one of the bank's directors John Chen, the CEO of Sybase and mentioned that someone at the bank should keep an eye on what is going on online.)

Here is a recent comment about Wells Fargo from NKB that I received on March 18, 2008. I've got quite a collection and I know I will get more.

I thought I would just add my 2 cents regarding the WF's outrageous policies regarding holds.

I deposited a bonus check for in excess of $5K from my employer via an ATM and received an email a day later saying that WF will hold $4900 for a week and the remainder for 2 weeks.


1. I am WF customer of more than 30 years.

2. The deposited check is drawn on BofA.

3. The same BofA account is used to make a direct payroll deposit into my WF account twice a month.<

4. I have had balances in my checking acct in excess of $100K over the last few years.

5. I have never had a deposit not honored.

6. The BofA check will clear overnight, I am sure. So how can WF hold my money for up to 2 weeks?

7. Spoke to WF by phone, and got nothing but policy statements.

I will probably sever my long-standing relationship with WF over this outrageous behavior. Wanted to put this on the record. Thank you.

Another commenter provided an interesting web site address: Wells Fargo Injustice

This site has been established to serve as a centralized resource which will publicly document individual instances of real or perceived employment discrimination or disability discrimination at Wells Fargo or any of its subsidiaries. In addition, ethical, information security and data privacy issues at Wells Fargo will also be addressed and discussed.

The site has a blog: http://blog.wellsfargoinjustice.com/

There is a recent post from that blog about a potential security vulnerability that could expose Wells Fargo customer bank records and social security numbers.

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