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Can Dell Out Market HP with a New Media Based Approach?

Andy Lark, Sun Microsystems' former Corporate Comms chief recently joined Dell as VP of Global Marketing and Communications. It is part of Dell's strategy to win back lost ground from its arch-rival Hewlett-Packard.

Mr Lark's appointment will certainly boost Dell and it will be interesting to see if Dell adopts a "new media" marketing approach to galvanizing sales. Mr Lark is one of the earliest bloggers and has a deep understanding of the mechanics of marketing in the many-media world we live in.

HP doesn't have anyone in its senior ranks with comparable experience. If this new many-media world of blogs, wikis, Twitter, Facebook, search marketing, etc, really works in helping companies market their products and services, then Mr Lark is the one to show Dell how to do it right.

In the meantime, HP has been using a combination of new media and old-school approaches. This is a good example: It is a promotional video created and distributed through a Podtech flash video player.

The medium is sharable and can be emailed or embedded in a web site (such as this) but the content is old school marketing--collecting a group of celebrities that say nice things about your products. It is an old tried and tested approach: team up stars with the stars of your product lineup, which in this case is the screaming high performance HP Blackbird and other standouts from HP's 2008 lineup.

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