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California Gold Rush: This is why Facebook is interesting . . .

A few weeks back I spent a Saturday afternoon in Palo Alto crammed into a small room with a couple of hundred people listening to the stories of some of the early Facebook app developers. Believe me, it wasn't the way I wanted to spend my Saturday.

But the enthusiasm was fun to witness and it did feel as if we were all (and we still all are) at the beginning of something big. It was fun to see kids straight out of school suddenly rock stars in the nascent Facebook community, learning how to be entrepreneurs.

Whatever your personal and emotional reaction is to Facebook, (and many have told me it is a fad and worse) you have to take notice that you just might be missing out on one of the big stories of the next couple of years.

And you wouldn't want that, or would you? :-)

Take a look:


Video: Tom Foremski Video Editor: Lee Cummings Feel free to use on your site or blog!

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