06:51 AM

Calacanis Calls Jimmy Wales A "Poser" As Mahalo Tries To Emulate Wikipedia

The Deal has posted a video of Jason Calacanis where he obligingly provides provocative linkbait by calling Jimmy Wales, the co-founder of Wikipedia, a "poser" because he once failed to follow through on a promise to "kill Google."

"He gave up after 11 or 12 months. That's not being an entrepreneur, that's being a poser," he told The Deal.

It might seem unfair for Mr Calacanis to pick on Mr Wales, after all, I've met many companies that tried to take on Google and where are they now? However, it makes perfect sense to single out Mr Wales when you consider that Mr Calacanis is trying to profit from a commercial version of Wikipedia.

Rafe Needleman writes:

Mahalo 2.0 is Wikipedia plus money

Jason Calacanis, CEO of Mahalo, is modifying his business once again. He's taking a page from Wikipedia and opening up his curated topic pages to user editing. The big difference from Wikipedia is that he's melding this idea with the Mahalo Answers business model in which users are paid for contributing content to the site.

Here is The Deal's video interview: