02:55 AM

BrightTALK's Social Media Summit

BrightTALK has put together an interesting online Social Media Marketing Summit Oct 7 at 7am (recorded version available.)

42 Rules of Social Networking for Businesses

Speakers include:

Frank Cutitta, General Manager at IDG Connect

LaSandra Brill, Manager, Web & Social Media at Cisco

Dave Evans, VP of Social Media at Digital Voodoo

Jerry Hart, Partner/VP of Sales & Marketing at Power to be Found

Chris Kenton, CEO of SocialRep

Bill Hartzer, Social Media Marketing Expert at Vizion Interactive

Edith Yeung, VP of Marketing at Clue Market Inc and Founder of SFEntrepreneur.com

Sean Mulholland, Director of Emerging Media at Atomic Public Relations

Mary Lou Roberts, Harvard University Extension School; author at DIY-Marketing and eBrandMarketing

Jennifer Jacobson, Author of 42 Rules of Social Networking for Businesses

Brian Offenberger, (a.k.a. RSS Ray), CEO of BizGrowth Search Engine Solutions

Charles Wells, Managing Director, Kinship Network