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Brainiacs On-Demand: BrightIdea Teams with Mensa Braintrust

BrightIdea.gifThis is an interesting partnership: BrightIdea.com, a startup founded by Matthew Greeley, offers an online way for companies to accelerate the development of great ideas through a process called Innovation Pipeline Management. It has teamed up with Mensa Process, a company that employs members of Mensa, which are the 2 per cent of the world's population that score the highest on Mensa IQ tests.

"Brightidea.com is the best platform available for quickly harnessing the wisdom of the crowd," said David Wynett, Managing Director, Mensa Process, "and we manage one of the world's smartest crowds, so it's a natural fit."

Link to: Brightidea.com Partners With Mensa Braintrust to Put Genius to Work

Mensa Process is integrated into BrightIdea's web-based platform. BrightIdea customers get access to Mensa Process online panels on a wide variety of subjects and tasks. BrightIdea engineers said they developed an online tool that captures the "rapid-fire style of brainstorming" that occurs in Mensa Process sessions. Mr Greeley said, "The ideas coming out of these online brainstorming sessions are unprecedented in insight and commercial potential."

Mensa Process participants have a verified genius IQ and are available in online brainstorming panels, in categories such as: Smart Moms, Healthcare Experts, IT Gurus, Marketing Specialists, and many more.

Link to: Brightidea.com Partners With Mensa Braintrust to Put Genius to Work

It'll be interesting to see how companies use this service. In many organizations there is a strong "not invented here" animosity towards ideas that come from outside. But there are also many organizations that have trouble coming up with great ideas that can move their businesses forward. Does a high Mensa score equal prowess in idea generation? BrightIdea lets you find out the answer...

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Watch Matthew Greeley whiteboard the innovation process on ZDNet: Web 2.0 @Work

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