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BookWatch: Zero Day Threat and Jump Point...

Here are new books by local authors that are worth reading:

Zero Day Threat - By USA Today reporters Jon Swartz and Byron Acohido. Here is a description:

A white-collar true-crime story, Zero Day Threat is a powerful investigative expose on bank and lending policies that actually facilitate ID theft and fraud. USA Today reporters Acohido and Swartz reveal the many ways that established corporations and technology giants (including Bank of America, Microsoft, and Google) have fixated on the Internet to maximize their profits, heedless of increased risks to customers.

. . .Intended not merely to alarm, but to illuminate, Zero Day Threat exposes how lawbreakers do their dirty work, and how corporations help them do it.

- - -

Jump Point - By Tom Hayes. Here is a description:

Silicon Valley guru Tom Hayes explores how the new economy will arrive at a single jump point by 2011, bringing with it virulent market trends. Only those prepared for the new marketplace dynamics will be left standing amidst unfamiliar players, shape-shifting consumers, and wealth-evaporating forces. This forward-thinking book examines

* The implications of collaborative behavior on the global market

* The human drive behind the "agency" impulse, which spawns social media communities, multiplayer online games, and crowdsourcing sites

* How to act on and react to real-time external events

* The pitfalls of "response latency," and why too much information can kill a company

* How to create a "virion," or marketmaking product, by tapping the power of person-to-person viral dynamics

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The 4-Hour Work Week - Don't forget another local author, Tim Ferriss. His book just launched in the UK. You should read it, lots of great ideas and tips.

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The only problem with the Kindle is that you can't stick the titles on your book shelf to impress visitors :-) After all, our books say a lot about us - even if we haven't read them (yet).

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