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Blogger Showdown from Brainstorm: Kara Loves Rupert

One of the best panels at the recent Fortune Brainstorm conference was the "Blogger Showdown" panel at the Monday evening dinner. Adam Lashinsky does a great job moderating the panel. This is the only video of the panel.

On stage is Robert Scoble, Kara Swisher and Om Malik. The panel soon gets off to a raucaus start.

Hear Kara saying that she's loving being a Rupert Murdoch employee!

Hear Om repeating my mantra that Silicon Valley has turned into media valley!

Hear Robert Scoble saying how his mistakes are fixed by his readers!

Hear Adam Lashinsky say how Fortune avoids mistakes by getting it right the first time!

See Fortune report the "Blogger Showdown" and issue a correction!

Download video - iPod/PSP


BTW these are all media professionals, Robert Scoble majored in journalism. Where are the bloggers, the citizen journalists?

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