05:43 AM

Blogger Om and blogging buddies broaden broadband content market

by Tom Foremski for SiliconValleyWatcher.com

My good buddy Om Malik, his Om-ness, the universal sound of all that is broadband, is set to go live December 1 with TheBroadBandDaily.com.

Om, already dominating the broadband news market with his GigaOm site, is band leader of the new site. About a dozen hand-picked experts in various broadband sectors will be contributing blogs, news, and columns. Interestingly, I hear there will be no advertising. Om believes it taints blogging. Also, some of the content will be available in PDF format for easy offline reading.

PDF formatted content is really taking off and I think it is a great companion to a mobile lifestyle. For example, we are planning to produce an end of the week “Friday Watch” PDF newsletter containing the best of Silicon Valley Watcher that week—plus some fun items. Something to print up and throw into the weekend get-away bag, a chance to catch up on the week in Silicon Valley while in a hot tub in Tahoe.

PS: I tried getting as many “B”s into the headline as I could, but maybe someone can suggest a better one!?