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BitTorrent Offers Free Novel Download

BitTorrent is trying to clean up its image and position itself as a valuable and viable media distribution platform.

It has been distributing movies and music as part of its "BitTorrent Artist Spotlight." And now the first novel, "Captive" by Megan Lisa Jones.

The BitTorrent release consists of a free Captive app, which includes the full downloadable novel, in both .pdf and .epub formats, plus a video introduction providing an overview of the author, story line and writing process. Captive will also be promoted to users during installation of the popular BitTorrent Mainline and µTorrent software and on banners on BitTorrent.com and µTorrent.com.

Captive is a classic psychological thriller, with a timely storyline of political intrigue amidst terrorism and captivity. The novel follows the interaction between a terrorist and his interrogator. Littered throughout the tightly wrought storyline are flashes of violent or risqué interactions, as the characters are challenged to overcome the consequences of past decisions and their own weaknesses. Religions don't kill; people kill.

BitTorrent Releases First Novel: “Captive” | BitTorrent

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