07:33 AM

Bing's Spring Break Fares Forecast...

While many geeks are heading to SXSW Interactive in Austin, Texas, others are probably looking for a break somewhere else. Bing, the Microsoft search engine, is carving out a specialty in travel and has published some interesting results:

- Flights from Seattle to Salt Lake City are down about 7% from last year, as are flights from Dallas to Jacksonville. Deals can also be found to Cancun, Mexico's spring break hotspot, with fares from Philadelphia down 8% and fares from Atlanta down 16%.

- Lowest average fares: San Francisco to Tampa, $300

- Lower airfares this year: San Francisco to Paris (-9%)

- Highest price increase this year: New York to Vancouver, Canada, $596 (+64%); Philadelphia to San Juan, Puerto Rico, $939 (+54%).

Travel tips:

You can save $25 to $125 per ticket by travelling from a Monday to Monday or Tuesday to Tuesday instead of from Saturday to Saturday. It's best to get a head start on travel and schedule your trip for the first week of March rather than waiting until mid-April to escape the grind. Traveling during the first or last week of March as opposed to mid-March can save travelers $25 per ticket. Traveling in early April as opposed to the middle of April will save travelers an average of $30 to $50 per ticket. Use the Bing Travel Flexible Travel graph to help determine the best days to travel.