05:33 AM

Big Brother Needn't Bother - Outsource To GOOG...

A reader writes:

It took me about 2 hrs, but I finally disentangled it from using ANY Google services. I disentangled it after I saw what they are doing.

It comes preconfigured to send your mail through Gmail, report your GPS position to "Google Latitude", broadcast that to friends, index your phone's data and send that to Goog, store all your contact data on Goog, backup the phone to Goog. Record your driving directions and issue StreetView pictures of your route as you drive via Google Maps. Pass your SMS traffic through them, Google Voice records all numbers calling/called going in/out, does speech to text on your vmail messages, emails vmail to you and of course indexes that and so on.

Big Brother has arrived. Chrome will make this much worse.