15:37 PM

Be Prepared To Be Judged By The Higher Standards Of The Future

Tracking technologies will reveal what you did and said and thought — to either your future biographers or your prosecutors....

Peggy Noonan Wall Street Journal writes :

“The Franken case represents not a collapse of tolerance for flawed
human behavior but a rise of judgment about what is acceptable.”


This means that you always have to choose a higher morality than is available today. The future has only one lens.

It reminds me of this post from 2006:

“Welcome to the future transparency of your life”


In the same way that we find it hard to forgive slave owners even if they made great contributions to society or country we can only judge others by the societal standards of the day. If you believe in moral and ethical progress then the future will judge us and likely desoise us.

It might not be judgement about sexual behavior but about other things such as consukerism. For example: if you ran a hugely successful campaign sellng a gazillion units of Pet Rock2 that might be considered a crime against the environment. A criminal use of resources and energy for personal enrichment with no value to socierty.

Or it might be about something else. But it will be about something we do daily and don't think about much. We should think about it, imho.