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BackLinks & BackStories: A week in review. . .

How the media sausage gets made is a vital part of media literacy. In the spirit of adding transparency and showing how my media is made, here are some background notes on my past week.


It was a busy week and I'm days behind on my emails (sorry everyone!). My inbox is the bane of my life because I can never catch up. I'm out and about most of the day and then I need time to write, which means my inbox is often the last thing I get to. And if I get a day or two behind on my emails I hate going there, which means it piles up even more...

[SMS + cell phone ( 415 336 7547) are usually best way to get me if all else fails.]


Saturday- I spent most of the day writing articles instead of working on a new project, Silicon Valley Minute short vid pitches by startups - who are you and what do you do.)

I wrote a bunch of posts, some exclusively for our new sister site New Rules Communications - the new rules in media and pr

-One of the articles was about how Silicon Valley is becoming transformed into a Media Valley. It received lots of links over the next few days. It reminded me that timing is everything for some ideas...

Silicon Valley has become Media Valley    see: 52 blog reactions


Sunday- I went to Kezar Pavilion to celebrate the life of Pablo Heising, a friend who died suddenly just before Christmas and worked hard for many communities in San Francisco. Pablo used to be a Digger in the 1960s and so the value of community was something he understood very well. I dubbed him the "Mayor of Haight Street"  when I published "The Street" a local Haight-Ashbury newspaper here in 1987 to 1989.

Laughing Squid » Squid List » A Celebration of Pablo Heising

Pablo Heising -- 'mayor of Haight'


Monday- Worked on setting up Silicon Valley Minute.


Tuesday- Popped into the Tech Policy Summit in San Jose:

- Low turnout for Silicon Valley Tech Policy Summit - do tech companies care about policy?

- Tech Policy Summit: Kara and the poster boys of social media

- Tech Policy Summit: Tech companies have deep pockets and short arms


Wednesday- Down in Palo Alto meeting with Stanford University David Nordfors senior research scholar on Innovation Journalism and journalism fellows, many from Europe.


Met with John Furrier and team over at Podtech.net. Ran into one of favorite people, Gabe Rivera, from TechMeme.

-Podtech.net: the dark horse of the new media pack

- I announced Silicon Valley Minute.

- I ran out of time to get to the Intel World Ahead Program  at the Computer History Museum. And I missed Cohn & Wolfe's HP event stuck in traffic coming back from Palo Alto.


Thursday-  Met  with VC firm Emergence Capital Partners in San Mateo. I really like these guys, I'll have a report on them in the next few days.

-Met with CEO of BlueLithium and Anheuser Bush execs, we talked about beer and social networks.

-Popped into Level3 Temporary Comprehension Event at Levende Lounge   Level3 event at Levende Lounge, caught the end of it. Ran into the very talented Adriana Gascoigne from GUBA, the online video site (very addictive),  and did a quick interview on camera with Adriana for bub.blicio.us.


Nice backlink from the New York Times:

WHAT’S ONLINE; Sell and Tell (the I.R.S.)

At SiliconValleyWatcher.com, Richard Koman wrote, “EBay especially doesn’t like being singled out when Craigslist and other online services that don’t use an auction format are not being asked to inform on their customers.”