06:19 AM

Arktan Launches Live Blogging Platform - First App On Echo Streamserver

Arktan has launched a live blogging platform - the first commercial app based on Echo StreamServer.

The company said it has already signed up several large media organizations. They plan to use the Arktan platform for blogging live events.

Arktan's technology connects to social media sources such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc., captures that data and enriches that data with photos and videos. Arktan then injects this data into the Echo StreamServer for publishing.

Pricing starts at several hundred dollars per month depending on the number of pageviews. Arktan said it will offer a version for smaller media companies and bloggers.

Chris Saad, VP of Strategy at Echo said that his company won't move into competing with application developers using Echo StreamServer. "We won't do what Twitter has done. We are focusing on the infrastructure."