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Are you on FaceBook? Are you a Silicon Valley Watcher?

Like many others, I've lately been spending time on FaceBook, lots of time. And I'm amazed that FaceBook has managed to make social networking fresh and exciting--no mean achievement given the multitude of similar sites out there.

FaceBook has done an extraordinary job of being able to roll-up separate services into one simple user interface. It potentially replaces Linked-In, Flickr, Blogger, Twitter, Gmail, Ning and many other sites. Plus its platform approach means that it can integrate virtually any web service.

It will be interesting to see if FaceBook's value to myself and others can continue to grow. Or if it will collapse under the weight of too many services, too much spam, too much complexity.

Silicon Valley Watchers

In the meantime, I'm enjoying FaceBook and exploring its many features. One of these features is the ability to set up a group/network. I've set one up called Silicon Valley Watchers, please check it out and please join.

I've asked a question on Silicon Valley Watchers: What makes Silicon Valley unique?

I'd love to know your answer, either here on SVW, or on FaceBook.


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