22:06 PM

Are these the top Web 2.0 companies?

By Richard Koman for SiliconValleyWatcher

In today's Chronicle, Dan Fost and Ellen Lee offer snapshots of what they think are the Web 2.0 startups on the move. What strikes most is that most of these apps leave me cold.

The one that perked my interest was popURLs, a competitor to NetVibes, which I looked at here. I guess I'm just a shut-in but I don't see myself spending a lot of time sharing music with friends online or watching their photos go by.

And with so many Web 2.0 offerings, how would you ever get all the people you care about to standardize on one solution? That said, I will try to spend some time with these and other W2 sites in coming days and offer some better perspective. Here's the Chron's top picks (and my comments):

  • StumbleUpon - rate and recommend websites as you stumble around the Net. How is it better than delicious?
  • Meebo - check all your instant messages without having to run four different clients. Useful, but not exciting.
  • imeem - Social networking. Lucaso says its built-in IM makes it great.
  • Slide - set photos from any website to slide by your screen all the time.
  • Dabble - Kind of delicious/Digg for online video, it makes sense.
  • Pandora - This is what Cory Doctorow was talking about eight years ago or so. Collaborative filtering to make an online radio station you really want to listen to. Problem back then was Cory was talking about P2P downloading of MP3s. A non-starter.
  • Eyespot - Online video editing.
  • Songbird - Play music from many sources
  • Twitter - Text message to groups of people's cellphones. No doubt handy for deploying smartmobs.
  • Revver - Online video site