03:51 AM

Are all websites made in Silicon Valley?

 One of my Dutch readers, Yvo Schaap has compiled an analysis of the characteristics of 10,000 of the top web sites. He uses the data to answer 8 questions such as:

Are all websites made in Silicon Valley?

This is actually more or less true. From all US states California (37% reach) has a significant advantage over any other state, it actually owns 7% off all the identified websites in the top 10,000. Second comes New York in number of websites but Washington has a higher reach (22%).


Is China taking over the web?

Luckily the answer is short: No. The USA owns 44% of all websites, but China is coming second with 9%. That is less than the number of European websites with 16%. But in reach Europe loses from China with respectively 7% against 9%. Conclusion is that Chinese language courses aren’t necessary yet.

Link to YvoSchaap.com - 8 questions about the web you always wanted answers to