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Apple's iDelete Censorship Technology Rears Its Ugly Head...

Last week I wrote that Apple would have the ability to delete content on the iPad.

The iPad And Its iDelete Censorship Technology - SVW

It seems Apple is already giving us a glimpse of the future with is latest ban on "sexy apps."

Jason Kincaid writes that this is "scary" because the banned apps are apps that were Apple approved. . . until Apple suddenly, and without warning, changed its mind and yanked them from its App store.

...it's setting a scary precedent. It's showing that it's comfortable throwing out applications that developers have spent their time and money building, without even bothering to give them advance notice.

This also sets a precedent for the iPad because both the iPhone and iPad share the same apps, the same technologies, the same online store.

You can bet any unauthorized biographies of Steve Jobs won't get iPad approved. But what about a review of an unauthorized biography of Steve Jobs in the New York Times' iPad version?

I'm sure you can come up with other scenarios. This type of thing is bound to be causing many publishers planning iPad versions of their newspapers and magazine pause for thought.