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Apple censorship at work - bans 'hackers' - preview for iPad?

The other day I discussed Apple's ability to 'iDelete' news content on the iPad.

Ian Betteridge pointed me to these stories:

Apple Bans iPhone Hackers From App Store? | Cult of Mac

Apple App Store bans jailbreak hackers? | 9 to 5 Mac

Apple has banned two people from accessing the iPhone Apps store 'for security reasons.'

The two people have discovered weaknesses in Apple's iPhone and have publicized those flaws. Apple has a choice in plugging those security holes. Instead, it has chosen to ban them from its iTunes store.

This is a bizzare reaction but it shows that Apple is determined to act against anyone that displease it, yet this is the only way it can act -- at least do far.

Future versions of the iPhone software will have stronger security, that means stronger DRM, and undoubtedly, more ways to hit back at Apple customers.

Since the iPad is based on the iPhone operating system, it runs iPhone apps, and uses the iTunes and Apps store, this means iPad will also have all these features.

Increasingly, Apple is becoming a closed system with absolute power in its universe.

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