01:52 AM

An Ultra-Mobile, Rugged, High Definition, Instant-On, Carbon-Neutral, Sharable Platform

Here is a platform with astounding features:

- It is light

- very portable, it can be made pocket sized

- instant on

- very cheap

- 100 per cent recyclable

- carbon neutral

-it has extremely high-resolution flexible displays

-ultra-low power

-very rugged-it can be sat on, dropped from a mountain, water resistant, works in all temperatures and humidities


- and easy to share . . .

This platform has all the dream qualities that today's mobile digital devices are trying to incorporate. And it is already being used to help bridge the knowledge-divide--it is far cheaper than one laptop per child.

Here is David Sifry, a serial entrepreneur, describing this amazing platform at a recent SF New Tech meetup presentation for his Offbeat Guides venture.