05:13 AM

Advanced Micro Devices Reveals Chip Roadmap

Advanced Micro Devices today published a new roadmap at its analyst day.

AMD's focus is on tighter integration of its graphics processing technology as more applications rely on visual interfaces and as more devices support video streaming.

Coming up in 2010:

- "Danube" for notebooks, with four cores and 7 hour battery life.

- "Nile" for ultra slim notebooks, 7 hour battery life.

- "Maranello" with the 8- and 12-core "Magny-Cours" processor for servers.

-"San Marino" for Web and Cloud Computing servers.

- "Leo" The first six-core desktop CPU for high performance immersive gaming.

In 2010:

"Bulldozer" a new architecture for mainstream server, desktop and notebook PC markets with a new approach to multithreaded computing. Designed to be combined with graphical processors.

- "Bobcat" using the same new architecture designed for low power, ultrathin PC markets.

-"Llano" for mainstream notebooks and desktops combining CPU and GPU.

- "Brazos" contains "Bobcat" core and designed for low power mobile devices.

- "Zambezi" With up to eight "Bulldozer" cores scheduled for release in 2011.

It looks as if AMD is going to be producing products similar to Intel's "Atom" line despite saying that it wouldn't enter that market.

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