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About SVW: Heading To London, Amsterdam, Berlin, And Warsaw - Presentations On Corporate Media EC=MC

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In three days I'm off to London for a week,  then Amsterdam, hopefully a few days in Berlin, and then Warsaw (above) returning in early June.

I'll be making a series of presentations around my favorite topic: "Every Company Is A Media Company - the transformative business equation of our times."

I'll be conducting some sessions with PressPage, which builds digital corporate newsrooms for large corporations; I'll be presenting  at private corporate and PR agency events, and at Ragan's prestigious 2013 International Social Media & PR Summit in Amsterdam.

I first started talking about how every company is a media company more than eight years ago. The concept wasn't well understood at the time but now, interest has sky-rocketed and it's a topic that has shot to the top of the priority list for many corporations, as they try to capitalize on the amazing media technologies that are becoming available.

Silicon Valley is central to this global trend in business, its startups are creating powerful media technologies and services -- it's rapidly transforming into a Media Valley.

Companies can quickly change their competitive landscape, and their position in it, by mastering the art of media publishing. If they are able to do it first, they can overshadow their much larger competitors because in the media world, if you become the go-to media source in your sector -- it's very difficult to challenge that position. It happens all the time in the media industry, and now it is happening in other industries too. Think Zappos, who else do you know that sells shoes online? 

I'm happy to help enterprises become media companies and teach them the best practices of a media organization, and guide them through the treacherous waters of social media, and the many other media channels.

Rediscovering best practices

I often see corporations making big mistakes with their media strategies. Sometimes they are trying to reinvent the wheel, when we already have figured out best practices on how to do certain things, from hundreds of years of newspaper publishing. 

My work in this area will become the foundation for a new, services side of SVW that you'll be hearing more about over the course of this year. It's what will help support the editorial coverage, and enable me to continue working as an independent journalist.

Best-of-breed media services collective

I will also be meeting with companies that offer a variety of media services to enterprises of various types, and pull together the best of them into a group of top-class media services providers.

From digital newsrooms, to crowd sourcing ideas, media content development, to building communities around a company's thought leaders, there is no need for companies to develop their own in-house technologies when there are some excellent platforms available that they can be put to use right now.

Speed to market is vital -- you need to become the "Zappos" of your sector.

I'm hoping this carefully selected media services collective will become an important resource for every company that's trying to become a media company.  

Please stay tuned for more details, and stories from my travels.

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If you'd like to book a session with me and your teams, send me a note: tom at SiliconValleyWatcher.com. From May 5 to 12 I'm in London; From May 12 to 20 I'm in Amsterdam; then possibly Berlin if I can finalize some meetings, and in Warsaw until June 5.