16:59 PM

A Tropical Laughing Squid Party...

The Laughing Squid Party on Saturday was fun. I usually try to keep my weekends Geek free but I made an exception. I ran into Dave Winer and Gabe Rivera, from Techmeme. (The other guy invented blogging...) I was scolding them for talking about APIs, on a Saturday night.

They ignored me, or rather Dave Winer tried to ignore me. Dave Winer tried to take Gabe away so that they could continue to talk about API's without my "rude interruption."

I apologized profusely, I said I didn't intend to be annoying so early in the evening, ( I need to pace myself at these events.)

Once I had a taste for being annoying, nothing much could stop me. I think Nick Douglas from ValleyWag would agree.

I had a surprisingly good chat with Jason Calacanis, I've bumped into him twice this week. We spoke about the spiritual path that blogging represents. (Seriously...)

With Mike Arrington, I teased him about his love life. As the Prince of Silicon Valley, Mike should not be surrounded by guys. Mike is straight, which is my point... (and very single.)

Running out of people to annoy I got a ride back with my good buddies (now husband and wife) Chris and Kristie Heuer.