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A Tour: New Exploratorium Just Like The Old Exploratorium

New Exploratorium2 1 2

A special exhibit for the opening.

The new $300m revamp of the Exploratorium opens today and I'm glad to report that it looks and feels lot like the old Exploratorium at the Palace of Fine Arts but much larger, more exhibits, and more of everything. Here's a little tour:

The layout is very familiar and there are a lot of the popular exhibits preserved in the new location:

New Exploratorium2 11

New Exploratorium2 2

New Exploratorium2 3

New Exploratorium2 7

New Exploratorium2 10

Scott Weaver took 37 years to build this depiction of San Francisco:

New Exploratorium2 4

It's great for parties but it's so large you will lose most of your guests:

New Exploratorium2 1 4

Some of the Exploratorium workshops visible through a glass wall (a dress made of candy wrappers):

New Exploratorium2 5

New Exploratorium2 6

I love museum gift shops and the Exploratorium has one of the best (lots of robots) and its staff are fabulous:

New Exploratorium2 13

New Exploratorium2 14

New Exploratorium2 16

New Exploratorium2 17

Foremski's Take: I love the new Exploratorium but I was a little concerned that it might be disappointing. After all, the $500m spent on the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park produced a building that housed far few exhibits and an aquarium with TV-sized windows, and no geological exhibits at all(!)

The new Exploratorium transports the look and feel of a venerable San Francisco institution to a marvelous new location on San Francisco's waterfront, just yards away from the Ferry building and the America's Cup racing. Come and explore!

More info: The Exploratorium

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