14:20 PM

A TechOne Sampler: The sights and sounds, the hubbub and bustle of Silicon Valley...

My other job is Executive Editor of TechOne, a new video channel focused on Silicon Valley, Enterprise IT and the culture of disruption. We're making it up as we go along, which makes it extra fun.

I'm working with a great team: The legendary Steve Gillmor, Paul Sherer, Lee Cummings, Aron Pruiett, and the big kahuna himself, Robert Scoble.

And we have some excellent content producers: Larry Magid, Andrew Keen, and the RedMonk himself James Governor.

Keep an eye on TechOne as we head into September...

Here is a selection of recent vidcasts:

Hordes of developers roaming the streets of Palo Alto...

Aron Pruiett captures a Saturday afternoon in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Anurag Nigam's latest venture...

I love these guys...they ambushed me at a recent conference. I had to get my camera out.

The Big Kahuna talks with another Big Kahuna...

Robert Scoble and Marc Canter in an entertaining and insightful interview. He gives away a couple of jewels towards the end.
(BTW: Marine biologists are investigating the beaching.)

Trouble in VC land - You ain't seen nothing yet

Paul Deninger from Jefferies & Company plays the role of Chicken Little. Wear a crash helmet on Sand Hill Road.

Microsoft wants to be friends with Silicon Valley

I chat with Silicon Valley veteran Dan'l Lewin, MSFT's ambassador of goodwill.

Motorola loves Linux

Open source drives Motorola's latest phones.

A Savage way to cross the Pacific

We are sponsoring Roz Savage's bid to row as far away as she can from Silicon Valley, single-handed. Someone has to get away...(send help! Or your best and brightest.)