01:41 AM

A Reader Writes... Write About Me And My GPS Wallet


Real or fake?

Hi Tom, I would love for you to do a story on me for Black Friday. I am a 20 year old entrepreneur leading one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. On Black Friday, with the facilitation of my Silicone Valley mobile application team, I am releasing the world's first leather wallet with GPS Technology and RFID Blocking Technology for better consumer protection.

The product will be in stores in the upscale department store Harrod's in London, Sears Canada, Sears, Kohl's, amongst a plethora of retailers throughout the world.

With the rapidly growing billion dollar sector of Wearable Technology, I am confident in my product as both a luxury and a technological solution. I have spent the last two years of my life working on this product so I am confident it has the power to truly make an impact in the fight against identity fraud.

Fashion executives in New York and technology guru's in Silicone Valley truly can see eye to eye to make a difference in this world. An image of myself and my product for men is attached in this email.

Best Regards,
Andrew Royce Bauer
Chief Executive Officer of Royce

Sounds suspicious to me, especially misspelling Silicone Valley twice and other grammatical mistakes. His Twitter account has zero followers. Locating the wallets of "technology guru's in Silicone Valley" is not much of a market. I bought an RFID protected wallet in Ross for $5.