16:33 PM

A Reader Writes: California Tech Showcase in France...

...Can Silicon Valley Companies succeed in Europe?

Anastasia Marin writes:

A friend of mine is putting together a technology conference called the California Technology Showcase (www.californiatechshowcase.com) which takes place  on June 28-29 in France. 

This is a very high-profile event which will allow 40 California-based private technology companies to meet 1-on-1 with CEOs, CIOs, and CTOs from 200-300 of Europe’s largest companies. 

Also important, the CTS is being held in conjunction with the World Investment Conference http://www.labaulewic.org/, also June 28-29 at the same hotel.  

This is a mini-Davos economic forum with attendance from prime ministers (5 confirmed so far ), the president of the EU, and hundreds ministers of trade, commerce, foreign affairs, and CxOs.

How can California companies succeed in Europe? It would be great to get some input on this topic from readers. Send them in...! editors (at) siliconvalleywatcher.com.