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A New "Fair Use" Proposal: If you re-publish my content then publish my AdLink

News aggregators and bloggers that carry third party content should carry at least one advertising link associated with that content.

It would be the fair thing to do and a large aggregator such as Google News could help establish this practice. 

Google News publishes the headline  and the first paragraph of a news story on its site. Since news stories are written in an inverted pyramid format, the headline and first paragraph contain most of the value of a news story.

Therefore, it's only fair that if you take most of the value of a news story, then also publish one advertising link from the original site.

And if you are a blogger and blog the content or quote it, then the same would apply: publish one advertising link from the original site alongside the content.

- For example, if you'd like to republish part of this article, you might agree to publish one of my three advertising links alongside the content:


          -Silicon Valley Watcher-reporting on the culture of disruption.

          -Silicon Valley Minute-Startups pitch in less than a minute.

          -Intel Core2Duo is here!

It's your choice which one of the three to carry, and your choice to do it or not.

But over time, it's a practice that would be seen as a mark of respect to the original content creator.

And it would help the original content creators recoup some of the cost of producing it--and it would encourage good content.

Google News doesn't monetise the news content it harvests from other news sites. If it carried one advertising link along with every news story it features on Google News, it would be respectful of the original content producers. And it would be in a leadership position that would influence others to do the same.

Also, many of the news sites run Google AdSense advertising links, Google would be bringing more clicks into its realm and do it for a good cause.

Also for RSS syndicators too:

- If you syndicate my content then please syndicate my accompanying AdLinks--don't strip them out. It's only fair.

If you re-publish my content -- then publish my AdLink.

This should also be an option for a new type of Creative Commons license.

For example: 

- Feel free to make money by republishing this post or anything else on SVW.

- As long as you make sure you preserve my links in the copy.

- And give attribution to SVW through a live link.

- And publish one of my AdLinks alongside each piece of content.

It should become the new "Fair Use."

Maybe Technorati could be the first to adopt this New Fair Use--it has been a champion of the blogosphere for many years.

Or maybe Digg will do it.

Whoever does it first will gain a spot in history, and a permalink spot in Wikipedia.

As for Google, do no evil is fine, but do some good is better, imho.

Please see SVW

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