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A Micro-Documentary About SVW - SanDisk Life Moves Series

I've always been a little uncomfortable with the blogosphere's penchant for blatant self-promotion. However, the following videos are not completely all my doing :-)

Here is the third video in a series that SanDisk commissioned as part of its "Life Moves" series that encourages people to use flash disks to create and share videos. The series contains a mini-documentary on SVW and covers some of my work--which includes non-geek coverage of Silicon Valley/Bay Area culture with Allison Lovejoy from Lovejoy Lowdown.

The series is co-produced by the SF Media Collective (of which I am a founding member) and Bunny Production. Special thanks to Aron Pruiett, Celso Dulay, and Chris Knight.

About SVW . . .

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World Roller Soccer Championship . . .

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Hornucopia Festival . . .

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