17:40 PM

A job advertisement from the future . . .

By Tom Foremski for SiliconValleyWatcher

Here is what I think some job advertisements might look like in the very near future:


Head of Corporate Communications for a fast growing Silicon Valley startup. Competitive salary and stock options. Candidates must have a Google Page Rank of at least 5. And/or an Alexa rank of at least 750,000 or better.

Candidates with at least 1,000 Google hits on their name are also eligible. We will also accept web site traffic numbers from your posts/articles on third-party web sites. This is a senior VP level position.

- - -

Your ability to secure your next job--and this will also apply to professions other than corporate communications, public relations, software engineers, or journalism--will increasingly be dependent on your online visibility.

That's why you should be blogging or at least be involved in the blogosphere through posts and comments.

And you should publish using your real name. That takes cojones, but that also shows ownership of ideas. You can keep an alias for sniping.

If you are not publishing to your community then your community does not know you.

SVW is starting a sponsored column/blog section. This is your chance to demonstrate your thought leadership. It is not expensive: for one week your column/blog will be featured prominently for as little as $200 per day.

And it will continue to exist as a permanent and live page, with moderated comments, for as long as SVW is in existence and able to pay its server bills.

Your column/blog will be clearly labelled as a sponsored section. This is your chance to publish to your peers on SVW.

We get great numbers, and you know it is not just any eyeballs that you would reach; it is your peer groups in Silicon Valley and beyond--you are the shakers and makers of the future.

It takes guts to put your stuff out there--do you have what it takes to stake a thought leadership claim? I know you do... :-)

A sponsored blog is also a great way to get involved in the blogosphere without the responsibility of having to maintain your own blog. Because you have to write and feed the blog monster every day.

Send a request for a sponsored column/blog to: guestblog at SiliconValleyWatcher.com.

We will also accept selected guestblogs from individuals for free, as part of our "Letters to the Editor" tag. The free posts are treated exactly the same the same as my posts and take their place in the daily feed. Please send to letters@SiliconValleyWatcher.com.

[BTW, please send news pitches to news at SiliconValleyWatcher.com.]

A sponsored column/blog would have a permanent page complete with relevant links, and company/personal info. It would be featured in a special one-week long promotional box on the front page of Silicon Valley Watcher.

This is my way of figuring out possible business models to support teams of journalist bloggers without a day job--of which myself, and Rafat Ali of PaidContent.org seem to be among the very few!

Much of the rest of the mighty blogosphere has a day job...