20:05 PM

A 1400 mile long corridor of innovation . . .the emerging Silicon Coast

The Disney acquisition of Pixar Animation Studios is interesting from a regional point of view. It strengthens growing ties between Santa Clara and Santa Monica tech/media cultures.

Terry Semel came up from So. Cal where he was co-chief of Warner Bros. to run Yahoo. Now Steve Jobs will help run Disney. The two cultures might seem different but they work well together.

The Disney-Pixar deal also highlights the emerging West Coast corridor of tech/media innovation that is forming. From Vancouver, to Seattle, to Portland to San Francisco Bay Area, to Santa Monica, and San Diego--we have a string of formidable tech/media centers that continue to grow, maybe one day forming a near continuous ribbon of innovation along 1400 miles of coast.

This is a formidable regional corridor of companies and individuals that will help determine the look and the feel of the next ten years and beyond, imho.


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