16:00 PM

3.9.07 First Blush: CSPAN video is free, Josh Wolf is not, Danny Hills puts the Web into a database

Danny Hillis launches his MetaWeb Technologies, a "semantic Web" company that strives to make the Web more like a database. (NYT)

Jury orders Vonage to pay Verizon $58 million in patent infringement fees. There will be an appeal. (NYT)

In the brouhaha over the cable network's ownership of Congressional hearing video, C-SPAN has come up with a Creative Commons-like license to all its video content. Bloggers, including Nancy Pelosi, can post C-SPAN video. The terms: share-alike, non-commercial, attribution. (Ars Technica)

Palm has hired former Apple engineer Paul Mercer to design new phone/PDA units to compete with iPhone (NYT)

Josh Wolf and the US Attorney's Office had a session with a mediator yesterday. Unless some breakthrough occurred, Wolf will probably stay in jail until July. But, Wolf's reasons for staying in jail are "less than crystal clear." (Wash Post)

Gateway executives are liable for manipulating earnings and lying to the SEC, a civil jury found. ((AP)