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3.13.07 Eisner offers up lessons from Content 101

Michael Eisner has a few words about content. His new webshow production company, Vuguru is launching with a series of 90-second long shows about high school competition gone to extremes, Prom Queen. (Read Eisner dives into Web TV.) He's working with Veoh, a company in which he's a major investor, to deliver his production value shows.

In an interview with News.com, Eiser has a few choice words for marketers who think it's all about strategy and platform - and he lets it be known that user-created content has a long way to go to meet his standards. Here's the absolutely best line in the interview and it applies to journalism and all other "content" as well:

We come from a place about story. It is story, story, story. It is emotion, it is humor, it makes you laugh, cry, whatever. We do not come from a technology platform, and we are not interested in a technology platform for anything other than to get it out there any more than I would have been interested in slow motion as the end product of sports coverage. What's interesting in a sport is the game. How you shoot it, and how you use technology, just makes it more attractive. But the game is the answer, and we're interested in the game, not the camera.


Other answers carry a similar theme.

You come up with what you think is a good idea that interests you, and you put it out there. If it happens to be more targeted for men or women or teenagers or young adults, so be it. ... I've never had an overall strategy. It's simply what sounds good or funny or emotional or sad or mysterious. That's what I'm interested in. The platform is so gigantic, the Internet is so gigantic, that very much like broadcast television was 40 years ago, they don't have to be targeted.

As far as the user-generated, Web2, YouTube, viral effect, well ...

To the extent that people that are doing user-generated content and are prepared to step up in their careers to a more professional level, we are interested. Everybody started some place, whether they were an usher in my era, or a cameraman or film student or whatever, so it's the natural evolution. But when it gets to Vuguru, we want it to be as high-quality as we can make it for this medium.

We're not looking for nonprofessional user-generated content. We're looking to translate or transfer people who may have started that way, or use people who are now in the mainstream who want to come to this arena, but the end result will be people who understand beginnings, middles and ends, and comedy and drama, and professionally produced shows that are at a higher level than you would see with somebody just standing on a street.

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